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Rakshith Landscaping and Construction provides excellent commercial landscape and gardening services which follow a structured process involving  landscaping architecture & landscape design, landscape development & landscape execution, and finally landscape maintenance and enhancement. Our major focus is to provide quality customer service and create a remarkably beautiful impression on your property. We strive hard to deliver you with breathtaking designs and ensure on-time execution and completion of your dream landscape projects.


Why Choose Us

Experienced Landscapers

Our team of quality-oriented, experienced landscapers create beautiful landscape gardens that captivate everyone's attention.

Top Quality Execution

We strive hard to deliver you with breathtaking designs and ensure timely execution and completion of your dream landscape projects.

Client Support

We provide our clients with a personalized customer support. Client satisfaction is always assigned with the highest priority.


We plan, design and transform ordinary plots of land into mesmerizing landscape gardens. Our innovative techniques of using natural geology, texture, plant selections, cobbles & pebbles along with lawn grass will translate your dreams into a natural setting that will bring out the truest essence of nature.  Our structured process involves landscape planning, execution & observation. Our experts are committed to offering you with distinct landscape designs and a clear understanding of the costs, techniques, and scheduling involved. We ensure a major emphasis is directed towards client satisfaction.


Plants & Planters

We have the widest range of plants collection, which include Annuals & Biennials, Perennials, Flowering shrubs, Ornamental shrubs, Flowering & Ornamental trees, Creepers & Ground coverings. We have them growing in healthy conditions at our huge plant nursery garden located in the outskirts of Bangalore.

Landscape Lighting

The perfect combination of lighting can transform an outdoor space into a peaceful well-lit paradise. Whether you want to highlight stonework, illuminate walkways or draw attention to interesting foliage, we let you explore the various techniques that would provide you with the best layout. Be it beauty, safety, showcase or entertainment for your home, we listen to all your requirements and determine the best setup accordingly. We are known for our product innovation and warranty, our unmatched design, engineering, testing standards, and our personalized support.

Landscape Lighting
Vertical Garden

Green Walls / Vertical Gardens

We are at the fore-front of the fast-growing market demand for vertical gardens, green walls, plants on wall or simply living walls. We have spent enormous time and energy in innovating & building the perfect vertical garden that looks and stays amazingly green. Our soil-less media & balanced mixture of nutrients ensures that the plants stay healthy and fresh for years. We ensure your vertical garden is green from day one and so that you don’t have to wait for years to enjoy the look you desire. Our expert maintenance team will ensure that your vertical green wall stays green forever so that you can leave all your worries and enjoy the refreshing view.


Hardscaping / Paving Stones

Hardscaping adds elegance and luxury to your outdoor landscape space. It acts as a long-term investment in your plot’s attractiveness and functionality. We work closely with you to precisely determine the hardscape materials and layout that best suits both your space and aesthetic preference. We ensure all the elements such as paving, paths, fencing, seating, water features, stone/wooden furniture, curb walls, patios & gazebos are installed professionally by our expert workers. We make sure our work is excellent in design and efficient finishing.

Hardscaping and Paving Stones

Building Contracts

We undertake building contract of a landscape garden that consists of daily watering, cleaning, trimming, cropping, manuring and application of non-harmful fertilizer and pesticide treatment to the plants. Our well planned maintenance can optimize the diversity of the habitat & aesthetic potential of your garden.

Water Bodies

Water has always been an important element in landscape design and a water feature always adds serenity to the place. We have experience in creating a wide variety of water bodies like Koi Ponds, Water Screens, Cascading water walls, Ripple pools, Fountains, Streams, Waterfalls and other such water bodies. Our water bodies have been the talking point in many commercial and spaces owing to our marvelous designs and execution. The beauty and the sound of water is forever unmatched and we believe in creating the perfect water-body for you, be it any garden style, any size or time commitment.

swimming pools

Swimming Pools

Be it construction, renovation or maintenance, with more than 25 pools and waterbodies in 3+ years in the aquatics industry, we know what it takes to bring a project from concept to completion. We have a highly trained group of talented design professionals, including project managers, technicians and administration staff, all guided by a passion for aquatic facilities. Be it constructing a pool or a small space of your home or the entire house; we are your one-stop solution for swimming pools.

Landscape Design

We have an in-house landscape designer with the expertise and experience to deliver a wide range of landscape design services and solutions to meet any requirement. From inception to implementation, our team of professional and creative landscape designers can develop individually inspired landscape architecture and garden designs for public and private environments, whether commercial or residential and varying in size from large-scale phased projects to small intimate plots.

Landscape design services

Landscape Irrigation & Automation

The value of an automatic sprinkler system is relative to the intensity of maintenance and aesthetics desired. If you already manually water your lawn regularly and you desire a moderate to highly manicured lawn,  your wisest choice would be to go with automated irrigation. Sprinkler systems save, time, money, aid in water conservation, and help achieve a lush, green lawn. An irrigation system requires very little attention once set up. Over time, an automatic sprinkler system will pay for itself. We make sure all the plants have consistent moisture and are sufficiently watered without wastage for to provide you with the most beautiful blooms in your elegant lawn.

Our Projects

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Personal Space

Our expert team is always on standby to help you with our comprehensive landscaping and construction solutions. Our plans are designed carefully to meet all your needs and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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